Rediscovered Music Of Mary Lou Williams

Rediscovered Music Of Mary Lou Williams

Dutch Jazz Orchestra, The

Label: Challenge Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917325126
Catalog number: CR 73251
Releasedate: 24-10-05

The Lady Who Swings The Band

The Dutch Jazz Orchestra researches and performs orchestral jazz. Avoiding the entertainment music that has long been the common fare for big band orchestras, the Dutch Jazz Orchestra concentrates its efforts on music that explores the wider artistic possibilities of the jazz orchestra. Although much neglected, this repertory answers to the highest criteria of musical quality and artistic relevance. The Dutch Jazz Orchestra looks for its projects to composers and arrangers whose work has been unjustly neglected. In addition, the orchestra performs unknown and forgotten material by well-known composers and arrangers. As such, the orchestra’s work possesses great historic relevance.
Thus far, the Dutch Jazz Orchestra has performed unknown works by the following composers, arrangers and band leaders (among others): Duke Ellington, Gil Evans, George Handy, Rob Madna, Gerry Mulligan, Boyd Raeburn, Jerry van Rooijen, Billy Strayhorn, Claude Thornhill, and Mary Lou Williams.