The Six Jumping Jacks 1926-1930

The Six Jumping Jacks 1926-1930

Harry Reser

Label: Retrieval
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917904826
Catalog number: RTR 79048
Releasedate: 05-06-06

Artist: Harry Reser, Tom Stacks, Tommy Gott, Earl Oliver

If you're looking for deep, meaningful music this is not for you. If, on the other hand, you're looking for light-hearted fun music this could be just what you need. Led by virtuoso tenor-banjoist Harry Reser, this group of studio musicians recorded under a variety of names for a variety of labels, but their Brunswick moniker is the one most people know them by. Peppy 'hot dance music' with a comic touch - this is what the general public thought of as jazz in the 1920's. But such musicians as trumpeter Tommy Gott and drummer/ vocalist Tom Stacks generate quite a drive and Reser's own work is always worth a listen. There are sounds that formed the background to short skirts, cloche hats, rouged knees, bathtub gin, the Charleston, Model T Ford cars - in short this is The Roaring Twenties presented in music.

What in my youth we called good-time jazz - Tommy Gott plays fine, driving solos - the rhythm section is as good as they got among the white dance bands. Transfers as good as it's possible to get - remarkable clarity.