Jazz Goes Hawaiian

Jazz Goes Hawaiian

Various Artists

Label: Retrieval
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917903720
Catalog number: RTR 79037
Releasedate: 30-05-08
A mixture of real Hawaiians playing jazz and jazz musicians playing Hawaiian tunes. With such stellar names as Louis Armstrong, Mannie Klein, Red Nichols and Andy Iona. A fascinating look at one of the less explored sidelines of jazz. Louis is Louis in any surroundings,but the uninitiated may well be very happily surprised by Andrew Aiona's Novelty Tour.And Brad Gowans Rhapsody Mankers produce fiery jazz of top quality.Mannie Klein reveals himself as a soloist of wit and distinction.
Most of this material is very rare in its original form and much sought after.This should appeal to any collector of the unusual.