Monsieur Dubois

Label: Challenge Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917704327
Catalog number: CR 77043
Releasedate: 09-01-06
Bart Wirtz: saxophone, flute effects
Dirk Beets: trumpet effects
Maarten Meddens: Fender Rhodes piano
Kasper Kalf: double bass
Udo Demandt:percussion
Rudi Sanders:drums
As a daily routine Monsieur Dubois, a retired ornithologist, would live his life looking up to the sky in search of something special. After doing so for years, his uneventful life brutally ended, when one day Dubois spotted six as of yet undiscovered species of all sorts. They were flying together most elegantly and did so in one tight formation ! Overwhelmed by emotions, the fanatic birdwatcher produced a heartfelt primordial shout and instantly got into a state of shock, having just encountered such tremendous beauty. Breathing out his very last breath, the old man gave this particular group his name and died happily ever after...