Hot 'n Funky

Seven Eleven

Label: Seven Eleven
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917702422
Catalog number: JJT 77024
Releasedate: 26-12-12
Artist: Jewl, Are MC, Dodge, Dice, Captain Hurk, Brother Jay, Will Maas, Goodstuff, Miguel, Meatball, Born, DJ I.Q. Seven Eleven,thé Dutch formation in the field of funk,jazz and hip-hop crossovers,is back on the scene with a new opus. Having refined their formula for many years,their new album 'Hot 'n' Funky' is taking them to a new level.Played in the old-school style,with real live horns and drums,but recorded in a way it should be in the year 2003.From the most up to date beats on 'Grandpa Dogg' to the straight up heavy funk of 'Magic Touch',the legendary Fred Wesleyblowing his trombone on 'Fred' and 'Shake The Cake' andDutch rap- per Brainpower's rhymes on 'Turn it up' and 'Pump yo thumb',there's something for everyone on this record. The band's live reputation is well known in various countries.Last year the group joined forces with thé Bride Of Funkenstein Dawn Silva.After concerts in Paradiso (Amsterdam),Stairway to was one of the funky highlights of the North Sea Jazz Festival 2002.Without a doubt,Seven Eleven is becoming Europe's first and foremost funk band. QUOTES:
"Ongetwijfeld het vetste funk optreden van dit North Sea Jazz Festival".
(Undoubtedly the hottest funk performance at this years North Sea Jazz Festival) 2002

"C'est un super groupe qui croit en ce qu'il fait et en son originalité".
(This is a great band that believes in its own thing and its originality)
Funk-U Magazine No.8 / 2002

"Seven Eleven kan een gemene groove neerleggen".
(Seven Eleven can lay down a mean groove)
OOR 2001

"Vonken spattende funk"
(Smashing sparkling funk)
Musicmaker 2000

"Ze behoren tot de absolute funk-top".
(They belong to the absolute top of funk)
Platomania 2000

"Funk para disfrutar sin limites".
(Funk to enjoy without any limits)
Enlace Funk No 9 / 1999