Joost Lijbaart | Wolfert Brederode

Label: Jazz in Motion
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917535228
Catalog number: JIM 75352
Releasedate: 01-01-06
Joost Lijbaart: drums
Wolfert Brederode: piano

Drummer Joost Lijbaart and ECM-recording pianist Wolfert Brederode have been working together previously, for example in the group of singer Susanne Abbuehl and in connection to several ballet projects. In 2005 they had the extraordinary experience to work with Frans Thomése, author of the acclaimed book and international bestseller 'Shadow Child'. Thomése wanted to 'record' his book for blind people (audio book) and invited Brederode and Lijbaart to add music to the text, which was read by the author himself.
The collaboration between Lijbaart en Brederode - their ability to combine their instruments and produce a sound as if it were 'one' instrument - again turned out so well, they decided to start working as a duo and record their own music. And now the tables are turned: it is Thomése who added text to their CD: he wrote the significant liner notes!

"The secret, I think, lies in the fact that the piano doesn't comply with the drums, but just quite the reverse, that the drummer follows and complements the pianist, as if - by means of the drums, including all those thingies that can be tapped and beaten - it is a part of the solo piano. Together they constitute, as it were, a new kind of instrument, a sort of a John-Cage-style prepared piano, with a difference. (....) This is music that takes your breath away. And to, breathlessly, disappear into." (from liner notes by Frans Thomése)

Drummer/composer Joost Lijbaart is a highly in demand artist in the field of jazz, pop and improvised music, but also of modern classical music and dance. He is part of a/o the renowned Yuri Honing Trio, the crossover project Orient Express and the electric jazz group Yuri Honing Wired Paradise. Since 2002 he has his own band, called Group of Friends.

Pianist/composer Wolfert Brederode is the artistic leader of the Wolfert Brederode Trio, the Wolfert Brederode Quintet and Nimbus. He is also founder of The Nimbus Collective, a group that combines music, dance and moving images. Since many years Wolfert has been playing with Swiss singer Susanne Abbuehl. In 2007 Wolfert makes his debut on ECM.