Mind Made Up

Mind Made Up


Label: Jazz 'N Pulz
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917538724
Catalog number: BMCD 75387
Releasedate: 26-12-12

Jurek Cruysberg: electric and acoustic guitars | Mike Roelofs: keys | Ryan Carniaux: trumpet | Marcel Joosten: flute | Arjan Kerren: electric bass and fretless bass | Ron van Stratum: drums and ’jungle percussion’ | Sjoerd Rutten: drums and small percussion | Léon Bartels: live effects

“Surfcake” A brand new group that has suddenly appeared out of nowhere and taken the world by surprise with an incredibly diverse range of music: music that is accessible and yet is anything but simple. A blend of jazz and pop, showing great inventiveness, in which various styles are interwoven. Surfcake has welded these styles together to create something quite new, while leaving ample scope for all the musicians to display a generous measure of improvisation. And improvise they certainly can, each and every one of them. Surfcake amazes the listener with its varied unorthodox musical mix of jazz, flamenco and drum & bass with the occasional Latin and, then again, Indian influences. The musicians are among the very best, having previously played with the likes of Charley Green, Lee Konitz, Eric Gale, Bob Sheppard, Brian Bromberg and many other greats of the jazz world. Listen to the Surfcake F.H.S. (For Higher Standard) music and appreciate how they have forged a unique style between jazz, pop, dance and Latin, using a mix of electronic and acoustic instruments. (Bob Hagen)