Un mondo illusorio

Un mondo illusorio

Hof, Jasper van 't

Label: Challenge Jazz
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917005929
Catalog number: CHR 70059
Releasedate: 01-01-95
Most of the tunes on this recording were spontaneous improvisations. Impressionistic miniatures. Sometimes Jasper would start to play and a name for the piece would be made, based on the atmosphere or associations we experienced listening to the music. Sometimes we would give Jasper a title and he would then work with this idea and create something with it. Jasper was able to accept the instrument for what it was, find it’s hidden sounds and colours, adjust his touch to whatever the tune needed and create a logical, emotional form within all these parameters. It was fascinating to be so close to this creative process where Jasper was at his best: open, natural, in harmony with himself and the instrument under his hands. We sincerely hope we captured some of the essence that went on in this small church in Bonefro in that summer of 1998. Inserted along in this album is a special booklet with comments and annecdotes regarding the town of Bonefro designed to provide the listeners with a wholistic experience to Italian culture. We really tried to record it in such a way that you, as a listener should be able to sense the atmosphere of this special place and enjoy the music of this special man.