Freedom of Assembly

Freedom of Assembly

Bert Seager Trio

Label: Buzz
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917600926
Catalog number: ZZ 76009
Releasedate: 01-10-99
Bert Seager - piano | George Donchev - bass | Nat Mugavero - drums

This recording (March 4, 1999) was made after George Donchev, Nat Mugavero and Bert Seager had been playing as a trio in Boston, every Saturday night for five months. Except for the two standards, the recording features original tunes that were composed spontaneously while the tape was rolling. These beautifully recorded sessions spaciously reflect the depth of respect and trust they share in each other¹s creativity and musicianship. Everyone in this group keeps listening to what’s happening around him, so the music feels like a three-way collaboration, not a showcase for egos. Best of all, the trio take an elemental satisfaction in the material and in playing together.