Bob Brookmeyer

Label: Challenge Jazz
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917010329
Catalog number: CHR 70103
Releasedate: 01-01-01

Bob Brookmeyer – piano | Mads Vindig – bass | Alex Riel – drums

Besides his trombone, Bob Brookmeyer plays the piano aswell, although not many albums can be found on which he is actually playing this instrument. On this CD he does, and in what a way. Together with two Danish world-class musicians, Mads Vinding on bass and Alex Riel on drums, Brookmeyer sets into motion a highly deliberate process, where an equal number of standard tunes and original compositions are give a new inner life by the use of simple means. Not by being turned upside-down and changed beyond recognition, but by being embraced by a person with a great musical heart. They are briljant and heartfelt all at once.