Song for ma

Song for ma

Citroen, Soesja

Label: Challenge Jazz
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917005622
Catalog number: CHR 70056
Releasedate: 01-01-98

Soesja Citroen - vocal, music & lyrics | Berend van den Berg - piano | Joep Lumey - bass | Joost Kesselaar - drums

Landmark recording signifying Soesja Citroen’s coming of age as a singer-songwriter. Her compositions highlights various stylistic features from the sweet jazzwaltz of Love Knot and the bluesy This Is The House to Tell Me No Fortunes - a mixture of swing and samba-ish rhythms. Essential for this album is the title track Song For Ma in which she describes herself as the little girl in her hometown of The Hague, sitting in a tree looking at her mother’s house and listening to her mother’s exotic playing of the piano. The warmth of her past and future reflections are captured in this haunting ballad. Another track worth your attention is Sun In The Morning - a light jazzwaltz refering to the freedom of interpretation / improvisation and inspired by John Coltrane’s My Favourite Things, a lifetime hero of Soesja.