Flor do mar

Flor do mar

Quatro Ventos

Label: A Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917313529
Catalog number: AL 73135
Releasedate: 01-06-98
Emanuel Pessanha - vocals / guitar
Pennings -Wout  classic lead guitar / bouzouki / percussion / fado guitar
Servais Haanen - diatonic accordeon
Roland van Abel - violin / alt violinGuests: Rui Veloso - vocals on San Miguel
Hans Kamps - Portugese mandoline / fado guitar
Raimundo Seixas - Portugese fado guitar

Flôr do Mar is a musical journey through Portugal’s historical and contemporary periods with fado, melancholic songs of sailors and other sentimental melodic sounds. It reflects the Portugese emotions of saudade. Emanuel turned his homesick feelings to fatherland, sun, sea and especially the fado into lyrics and music.