Live at Café Hopper

Live at Café Hopper

Ferdinand Povel And The Rob Madna Trio

Label: Daybreak
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917537024
Catalog number: DBCHR 75370
Releasedate: 04-06-07

Ferdinand Povel: tenor sax | Rob Madna: | piano Marius Beets: bass | Eric Ineke: drums

In the year 2000 we made several recordings of Rob Madna's trio plus saxophonist Ferdinand Povel, which resulted in disc #6 in the Daybreak piano series 'en blanc et noir.' For that disc we chose trio and quartet recordings made at CNR (Café Upstairs) in Hilversum, Holland. Recently, while searching the vaults for some other material, I came across a quartet session from the timeÑtaped live at Café Hopper in AntwerpÑwhich hadn't made it onto that album. On listening to it again, I was surprised to discover it sounded even more inspired than I'd remembered. As Rob Madna had regrettably passed away in 2003, I asked his colleagues Eric Ineke and Ferdinand Povel to have a listen and give their opinions. Obviously their reactions were positive, or you wouldn't be reading this now.
I subsequently made a selection from that material, concentrating on compositions not included on the 'en blanc et noir' CD, and completed the album with the able assistance of the Challenge crew, and bassist Marius Beets, who made a perfect final mix in his studio 'De Smederij' ('The Smithy').
Fred Dubiez