A new day

A new day


Label: Challenge Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917326628
Catalog number: CR 73266
Releasedate: 01-02-08

Werner "vana" Gierig piano | Alvester Garnett drums | Sean Conly Bass

“Last year, Vana was invited to Italy to present his Vana Trio and the New York Brazilian Jazz Project, at some of its beautiful Jazz festivals. The trip was infinitely rewarding for the musicians, earning them many standing ovations, invitations to other jazz festivals and concert halls, and another commission. “A New Day” is a result of Vana’s continuous composing for both of these groups. The exceptional combination of his vibrant jazz trio and added guests for the Brazilian flavors along with his impeccable performance and the ease with which he moves between these styles make for an exciting listening experience. Every time Vana would play a new piece for the project I would say “this is my favorite song” - until I’d hear the next one. Each song on its own tells such an intriguing story. I am proud and honored to have a part in this wonderful recording.”