Fatty Boom Project

Fatty Boom Project

Ro Krom

Label: Supertracks Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917574920
Catalog number: ST 75749
Releasedate: 02-02-08
‘The Fatty Boom Project’ is a dance remake/remix album, combining Ro Kroms roughneck vocals with the musical talent of some of Hollands finest DJ’s and dance crews. The 14 tracks on the album explore 14 entirely different dance styles all using the same vocals. It is extremely interesting to hear what versatility can be reached when all these producers  To celebrate his 20th anniversary in dance, soul and funk music Ro Krom and Supertracks Records present this concept compilation DJ/MC album: The Fatty Boom Project. Each producer received Ro’s roughneck vocals and turned them into devastating killer hits, exploring different dance styles. The vocals on ‘The Fatty Boom Project’ are about the love and celebration of woman’s curvy features. It is interesting to see how the different DJ’s and crews used those vocals to create 14 entirely different tracks. From straight up house and afrobeat to dubreggae and electro. Besides tracks by great DJ’s and crews as Laidback Luke, Kraak & Smaak, DJ DoNotAsk and Chocolate Puma, Ro introduces brand new talents as GrandJackson, BGS Beats, Smiley, Not Easy At All Productions and Kokos.

Chocolate Puma (House),
Kraak & Smaak (Breakbeat),
Laidback Luke (Techno),
BGS Beats (Breakbeat Soul),
AIFF (Afrobeat),
Black Market Audio (Exotica/Dance),
Easy Aloha’s (Dance),
Kokos (Funked up lounge),
Grandjackson (Daft Funk),
Smiley (Dubreggae),
Not Easy At All Productions (Dancehall),
DJ DoNotAsk (Electro),
Longplayers (Breakbeat),
C-Mon (Turntable)