Salt 'n Pepper

Martin Wind Quartet

Label: Challenge Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917327229
Catalog number: CR 73272
Releasedate: 30-05-08

Martin Wind: bass | Scott Robinson: tenor sax, bassclarinet | Bill Cunliffe: piano | Greg Hutchinson: drums

Salt and Pepper: Please take notice how disappointing a dining experience would be without the basic condiments of salt and pepper. Simple additions to a dish often make the meal complete.

As you sit down to savor this wonderful compact disc offering, recognize the simple elements that allow this sonic meal to be a success. Experience each selection as a course of a meal. Notice how the flavors of each tune sound in you as you savor them.
Do they work together as one?
Do they collide?
Do they inspire new flavors?
Martin has gathered some fine sonic chefs in Scott, Bill and Greg. Their instincts, along with the desire to explore, permit them to work well together in the kitchen. They know when to taste, when to add and when to leave better alone. Martin has planned an extraordinary menu for you, the listener, to enjoy.
Sorry, no reservations accepted.
FOOD ****** (out of five)
AMBIANCE ****** (out of five)