Laetitia van Krieken Big Bang

Label: Challenge Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917327427
Catalog number: CR 73274
Releasedate: 05-09-08
Very well composed, impressionist styled big band jazz performed by the pick of Dutch soloists
This is a real ALL STAR 13 member big band with Dutch top musicians

Pianist/composer is former singer of famous Dutch pop group “The Nits”

She recorded as pianist and singer in many international bands

As composer she has been recorded last year by the Lewinsky Quartet (CR 73264)
Angelo Verploegen: trumpet, fluegelhorn | Mete Erker: soprano & tenor sax, bass clarinet | Rolf Delfos: soprano & alto sax | Jasper Blom: soprano & tenor sax, clarinet | Hans Sparla: trombone | Jeffrey Bruinsma, Herman van Haaren: violin | Benjamin von Gutzeit: viola | Annie Tangberg: cello | Laetitia van Krieken: piano | Ferhan Otay: guitar | Gulli Gudmundsson: bass | Pascal Vermeer: drums“Many musicians in the field of jazz or improvised music compose material as a vehicle for improvisation; nothing wrong with that, but.....having been a composer my whole life, it is rare to have the experience like that I had listening for the first time to the Van Krieken Big Bang; the sensation of discovering a ‘real composer’.
Nevertheless, composing and arranging on this level is not enough for a composer-leader in the field of jazz, but all that, along with an inherently great intuition for choosing
the right and highly-talented musicians that are members of this Big Bang makes Laetitia van Krieken a great jazz-composer with a bright future.”
(Theo Loevendie, liner notes)  Laetitia van Krieken’s Big Bang came into being in 2005 and in December of that year she received an invitation to perform her music with her 13 piece ensemble at the Festival ‘Stranger than Paranoia’. Her music is rooted in the European music-tradition, combining the influences of classical-, jazz/improvisation- and popmusic. In November 2007 The Lewinsky Quartet released it’s new cd for Challenge Records with three compositions of Laetitia van Krieken. Line-up: Rolf Delfos (sax) Arno Krijger (hammond organ), Anton Goudsmit (guitar), Pascal Vermeer (drums).      
Laetitia van Krieken (Helmond, NL, 1964) started playing piano at the age of seven. After finishing her studies in sculpture and textile artforms, she studied jazz piano at the Brabants Conservatory in Tilburg (NL) with Willem Kühne. She has performed and recorded with many different groups and musicians such as Soft Parade (CD produced by Dave Stewart), Van Krieken Kempen Sextet (jazz), Tom America’s aNDERE ANDERe, Simon Ho Orchestra (project of Swiss musician Simon Ho and friends, the Finnish group Värttinä and Dutch group Nits).
She played keyboards (electric violin, accordeon) and sang with the famous Dutch popgroup NITS for seven years. From 1998 till 2004 they performed in Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Spain, Finland, Estonia, Japan and Canada. She has also performed with the following theatre-companies like Theater VandenBulck (Baba Jaga)
Wetten van Kepler (Baron von Münchaussen, Wolperding, Don Quichot) Bloeiende Maagden (Bloeiende Maagden gaan vreemd, Bloeiende Maagden gaan naar Oz).