Think.....It's all good

Dean Peer

Label: Turtle Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 8713606599008
Catalog number: TR 0004
Releasedate: 01-01-00

Ty Burhoe - tablas & percussion | Steve Trishmen - violin | Howard Levy - Hohner harmonicas customized by Joe Filisko, double ocarina by J.C. Hind, jew’s harp,| Dean Peer - 4 hole pewter ocarina, Spa bottle electric bassguitar

For 'Think...It's all good', bass player Dean Peer (1959) put together an unusual ensemble in which equal parts of folk, funk, jazz and Indian music are melted into an exciting new amalgam. A true master on the electric bass guitar and famous for his ground-braking harmonics techniques, our man from Boulder, Colorado, has always been into creating new sounds. Not only on his instrument, but also when it comes to ensemble sound. For his third album and debut on Turtle Records, Peer put together tablas and various other percussion, violin, jews' harp and harmonica. For the album that was recorded in a Mennonite church in Amsterdam, Peer teamed up with violinist Stephen Trishmen, percussionist Ty Burhoe and Howard Levy on harmonica, jews' harp and other 'mouth instruments' like a double ocarina, a four hole pewter ocarina and even a Spa mineral water bottle.

In the meticulously composed framework of the music there's plenty of room for experiment and improvisation. Rhythm and grooves form a firm base on which a truely transparant arrangement of melody, harmonics and chords can florish. As said, the ingredients reveal musical traces from all over the world, though the first impressions of freedom, funky grooves and virtuoso, sometimes electrically manipulated (violin) playing, give 'Think...It's all good' a particularly Western, contemporary feel.