Vibes, Straight Up

Vibes, Straight Up

Steve Hobbs Quartet

Label: Challenge Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917328523
Catalog number: CR 73285
Releasedate: 04-09-09
The vibes of Steven Hobbs take us for a successful ride to the South through an exciting, varied landscape of classic songs and back to the hectic swing of New York again.
  • Hobbs is today's leading vibraphone performer
  • Great selection of 'southern' songs from jazz, blues and other sources
"Steve Hobbs has long been one of the most talented, if underrated, vibraphonists around."
Scott Yanow, All Music Guide, 2007"With Steve Hobbs, there are no gimmicks or bizarre hybrids, just world-class jazz playing. He plays vibraphone and marimba with great panache and his improvisations are full of delightfully unpredictable curves and angles."
Dave Gelly, The London Observer, 2001"Hobbs does not sound deriative of his predecessors (Milt Jackson, Bobby Hutcherson, or Gary Burton); he has carved out his own identity on vibes and marimba."
Scott Yanow, Jazziz, 1996"Steve Hobbs' originals practically define today's modern mainstream."
Scott Yanow, Cadence, July 1996"Clearly, Hobbs is one of the mallet world's most versatile young talents, but his performance skills are fully equaled by his penchant for composition."
Mark Halston, Jazziz, July 1993
Steve Hobbs - vibraphone | Bill O'Connoll - piano | Peter Washington - bass | John Riley - drums

Although I have spent a lot of time in Boston, Miami, Denver and Queens (New York), I was born and raised in Raleigh. I left when I was 18 and came back when I was 32 in 1988. All along, I have watched the South change from a narrow minded area to a very progressive area in a 52 year span of time...hopefully the way I have arranged these traditional songs, will show both the tradition of where jazz and the South have come, to more of the changing global/metro direction in which they are rapidly moving....Old or new, it's mostly southern tunes, with a New York flavor. Enjoy the ride!"

Steve Hobbs (Raleigh, 1955) began at age 7 playing hand drums. He started trumpet and drumset at age 11. At 17, he switched to vibes and from here things only went up. Steve attended Berklee College of Music, where he received his Bachelor of Music in Percussion Performance in 1978. He continued his education by receiving a Master of Music in Jazz Mallet Performance in 1982 from the University of Miami. Throughout the years, Steve Hobbs has performed concerts and in jazz clubs in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. He has been a headliner at many Jazz festivals. Steve has done extensive touring as a leader or sideman with such players as Tom Harell, Art Van Damme, Randy Johnston, John Stowell, Janice Barnett ("Janice"), Johnny San Sone ("Jumpin' Johnny"), and many more.Steve has recorded as a leader or sideman with Kenny Barron, Steve Berrios, Alan Broadbent, Luis Conti, Bruce Foreman, Tom Harrell, Randy Johnston, Joe LaBarbera, Victor Lewis, Bob Malach, Eddie Marshall, Bill O'Connell, John Patitucci, Rufus Reid, John Riley, Bob Sheppard, Dave Valentin, Peter Washington, and many others.Steve's latest release, Spring Cycle, was nominated for Best Album of the Year (2005) by the Jazz Journalists Association of America. The album hit #3 on the Jazz Week Jazz charts in June 2005. Steve was added to the New Grove Dictionary of Jazz in 2005 and was recognized as one of the 10 best vibists in the world by the BMG All Music Guide to Jazz in 1998. He has been featured in Jazz Times, Jazziz, Downbeat, All About Jazz, Cadence, and other international newspapers, journals and magazines. His music consistently gets major radio airplay in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia. In June 2001, Steve was featured on BBC radio in "Vibes in Jazz, an Interview with Two American Vibraphonists: Gary Burton and Steve Hobbs," and is currently featured on the Time Warner Cable Jazz Network.