Further Arrivals

Further Arrivals


Label: Challenge Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917329025
Catalog number: CR 73290
Releasedate: 02-11-09
Even with a new line-up (with Brian Lynch on trumpet and Enrique Firpi on drums) Further Arrivals is an example of the unique Bye-Ya!-sound. Bye-Ya! is Latin jazz at it's best – more than a mix between these two styles, it is interaction and reaction between latin music and jazz.
  • Latin jazz at it's best
  • A band that consists of the total of five different backgrounds, nationalities, characters, creative visions and musical evolutions which together make up the unique sound of Bye-Ya!
  • Further Arrivals consists mostly of original compositions.
  • Complex harmonic accompaniment and exciting rhythms build up the basic for beautiful melodies and inspired improvisations
Brian Lynch: trumpet | Randal Corsen: piano | Mick Paauwe: babybass | Jens Kerkhoff: percussion | Enrique Firpi: drums

It is always very exciting and challenging for a band to record a new album with a different line up and still maintain the sound of the band. Within the first minutes of recording Bye-Ya was assured that their new setup (with Brian Lynch on trumpet and Enrique Firpi on drums) was perfect to achieve the unique Bye-Ya!-sound, Latin jazz with a strong emphasis on jazz. Further Arrivals consists mostly of original compositions.
The title song ‘Further Arrivals’ is a composition by Brian, played in a very open Guaguanco-style, it is a Latin-jazz theme in ‘Bye-Ya! tradition’.

‘Dance The Way You Want To’, another tune of Brian’s is a funky Cha-Cha, an
homage to the Boogaloo–era.

Descarga #1 is a tune by Mick and is a Cuban style 6/8 descarga.
Another composition of hers is the beautiful ballad ‘Downunder’, played as a Bolero.

‘Mellotone’ and ‘Tranquilidad’ are two Latin-jazz tunes composed by Randal.
‘Tranquilidad’ as the only quartet piece on the album is a piano feature with a beautiful Montuno at the end.