Hierdie Reis

Hierdie Reis

Charlotte Margiono / Frans Ehlhart

Label: Castus
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917590029
Catalog number: CSTS 75900
Releasedate: 04-09-09
Pianist Frans Ehlhart discovered the work of Ingrid Jonker, a South African poet whose poetry made a deep impression on him: "Despite the somber undercurrent of Jonker’s poems, I was touched by the wondrous lightness of her language. I have chosen twenty-three works from her collected poetry that deal with her love life and her fear of abandonment. In these poems, we can often find predictions of her own death."

"One could perceive the style of the compositions on this album as modern-classical. I make use of harmonies from the jazz idiom along with pop music-like sound colors combined with an on the one hand highly romantic and on the other impressionist tone. In short, a multitude of styles that require great flexibility and an empathic musical ability from performers. It especially does so from the singers. ‘Timing’ and ‘flow’ are key for a good performance."

About his cooperation with singer Charlotte Margiono Ehlhart says: we worked together, this wonderful musical collaboration started flourishing. That is exactly what I had hoped for. It’s not just her warm and glowing voice that I admire, I am also deeply impressed by her interpretative qualities. My intuition did not deceive me. Charlotte sings with a very exceptional musical intention. I could not have wished for a better performer to sing these songs."