The Story of Cathy & Me

The Story of Cathy & Me

Curtis Fuller

Label: Challenge Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917330922
Catalog number: CR 73309
Releasedate: 01-04-11
This CD is a heartfelt homage to Cathy Fuller, who died in 2010. Concerning Cathy and her effect on Curtis Fuller's life, this CD reflects three phases of his life while married to Cathy: How they met. How they lived. How he now lives without her.
  • Curtis Fuller is mostly known as a member of Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers and contributor to many classic jazz recordings
  • He was part of Dizzy Gillespie’s band and went on tour with Count Basie.
  • A great musician, that made a tribute to his late wife Catherine Rose Fuller
  • An unusual presentation of music
  • Liner Notes by Benny Golson
  • This CD is a look into the life of a master who suffers one of life’s greatest losses. Some would have us believe that death is as light as a feather when, in fact, as we all must heroically sometimes do… even with a broken heart. But as he goes forward, those who love him symbolically go with him.
This  CD is a reflection of how Curtis is going on without his dear wife of so many years.  If how he survives with the memory of her burning in his heart as he does what he was inescapably meant to do all of his life, play his trombone just as she would have wanted him to do.  When she was with him she vigorously and ambitiously supported and encouraged him as a major pinion in his success-filled life.

This CD begins by emotionally reaching into the deepest grotto of your hearts core, and you’re symbolically Curtis Fuller but for a moment as you feel what he must be feeling, but, of course, he with greater abundance and intensity, an intensity that will follow him indefinitely as his heart hangs low with sadness and regret… and deep, personal memories.