Smokers Lounge

Smokers Lounge

Jens Haack

Label: Stunt
Format: CD
Barcode: 0663993110127
Catalog number: STUCD 11012
Releasedate: 01-04-11
Maybe it is a little risky in our environment conscious time to release a cd entitled Smoker’s Lounge. On the other hand is it a good descrip- tion of this calm, relaxed music. It can easily be enjoyed in a quiet moment while smoking in a big leather easy-chair with a brandy in front of you and the small cracks from the fireplace in the back- ground. Maybe it is no coincidence, that our main character here, the saxophonist Jens Haack earlier led a group named The Cigars.

Haack discovered the saxophone in 1968, 13 years old, by watching the great Coleman Hawkins on TV. The next year he was attending the summer jazz clinic at The Vallekilde Highschool. Here he met a group of young lions, who a few years later would be important musi- cians on the danish jazz and rock scene. Among them were guitarist Mikkel Nordsø, pianist Ben Besiakow, drummer Kasper Winding and flautist Aske Bentzon. In 1970 Jens was back at Vallekilde, where he met one of his big idols Jesper Thilo and followed him all over the place, so much that he was nicknamed The Shadow. Two years later he moved from Jutland to Copenhagen and in the next couple of years established himself as versatile studio musician, very much in demand on both the fusion and pop-rock scene in the 1980’s. He was also a member of the popular Danish group Moonjam. In 1992 he was featured on Songs For Saxophone – the best selling danish instru- mental release ever. And now, after 18 years later of waiting, we can again experience Jens Haack as the main soloist on Smoker’s Lounge. Consisting of mostly classic ballads from the American Songbook, great stories slowly unfolded on a beautiful magic carpet of strings, plus two original pieces inspired by the great bossa nova writing of Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Music to be enjoyed by both smokers or non –smokers, it does not matter if you prefer herbal tea, café latte or hot chocolate with whip- ped cream. Enjoy and relax. Welcome to the Smoker’s Lounge.