Jazz Pistols

Label: ESC Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 4260035797016
Catalog number: CTR 006
Releasedate: 29-04-11
The new studio album of the Jazz Pistols sets high standards and consolidates the position of the Jazz Pistols at the forefront of the genre. With apparent ease harmonically and rhythmically complex pieces turn into catchy songs. With Superstring the Jazz Pistols produce another album which represents a milestone in the field of instrumental trio music. Jazz Pistols is a trio from Germany which is unique in their expression and sound. With their technical and musical skills, the musicians have found ways to extend the harmonic expressions of ordinary trios in many cases. Although formed like a classic jazz trio the Jazz Pistols have developed a sensational variety of sound which they can easily translate live without the need for loops and overdubs. Their so-called Energy-Jazz is defined by its groove-oriented integration of melody and harmony. One of the strengths of the Jazz Pistols is the ease of use of odd meters in pieces as a compositional device.They are able to discover new elements and levels of performance - a fact that not only surprises themselves, but also their audiences.This versatility is one of the strengths of the Jazz Pistols.  It is rare that Jazz-Rock – notoriously known as the music for musicians – is able to create this fascination on listeners – even when they normally don´t like fusion music. The extraordinary density of sound, the catchy melodies of the complex pieces, and culture of the musicianship – the Jazz Pistols are quite different from similar bands