The world is not a disc

The world is not a disc

Axel Fischbacher

Label: ESC Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 0718750990228
Catalog number: JS 5041
Releasedate: 01-04-11
Stylistic shifts are nothing new in the career of Axel Fischbacher, who changes musical directions more often than other musicians. “The world is not a disc” continues that tendency as Axel Fischbacher teams up with a great bands with 3 drummers, a willful musical eclectic.
He added alphorn, sample machines and three drumsets with his traditional line-up guitzar, acoustic bass, trumpet, sax and trombone.
His new compositions combine the music of early baroque music, influenced by composers like Haßler, Prätorius, Sweelinck with the contemporary sounds of modern and improvised jazz. This is jazz music – integrating the sound of an alphorn with soundloops, electronics and synthesizer sounds – always interesting and compelling. Fischbacher finds himself in a landscape of unique fresh sounds, most of it super-charged by an extraordinary rhythm team.