Moon Water

Moon Water

Carsten Dahl / Arild Andersen / Patrice Heral

Label: Stunt
Format: CD
Barcode: 0663993031323
Catalog number: STUCD 3132
Releasedate: 01-07-04
  • extraordinary openness in the music
  • with trio improvisations as well as original tunes by mainly Dahl and Andersen
On hearing the first cd released by pianist Carsten Dahl, bass player Arild Andersen and drummer Patrice Heral (The Sign, Stunt Records STUCD 02032) many listeners noted the extraordinary openness in the music. As if the three musicians had “just” gone into the studio, closed their eyes, opened their minds and let the inspiration of the moment guide the direction of the music. It is true that this Danish-Norwegian-French trio has a unique ability to unfold a magic, musical carpet for each other. And it cannot be denied that their technical and dynamic breadth of view makes them sound like one, close-knit organism.

On this new cd - recorded in a French studio last year, and with trio improvisations as well as original tunes by mainly Dahl and Andersen - Dahl/Andersen/Heral have now reached something close to a sublime mutual musical understanding. Sometimes the music is bubbling, extravagant and playful. There are lovely ballads, where in particular Carsten Dahl’s brilliant playing stands out. And there are dreamy sequences where the three musicians unite in beautiful, parallel processions.

Moon Water is a superb musical statement, and Europe now has a trio that carries on the tradition of acoustic jazz on its own terms - with simple means, great tenderness and love.

Carsten Dahl
A couple of years ago Carsten Dahl was asked to be a member of Elvin Jones’ trio. It was tempting, of course, but Dahl nevertheless declined: He felt that in his own part of the world his musical personality would best unfold. Today Carsten Dahl is Denmark’s leading and most inspiring pianist, and we can look forward to at least another lifetime of magnificent music from his hands.

Arild Andersen
Ever since he played in the band Masqualero with drummer Jon Christensen, pianist Jon Balke, trumpet player Nils Petter Molvær and saxophonist Tore Brunborg in the ’70s, Arild Andersen has been considered one of Scandinavia’s foremost double-bass players. An amazing technique coupled with an almost inexhaustible imagination and a fine sense of mixing “hand playing” with electronic subtlety never fail to make a performance by Arild Andersen an extraordinary experience.

Patrice Heral
This drummer sounds like no one else! Patrice Heral is not merely a timekeeper. His exquisite musical taste and excellent ability to enter into the spirit of the music, his sense of humour and masterly handling of all his electronic devices contribute to his never ceasing to surprise, and to his being such a fascinating live attraction. And as he is also an astonishing singer, he is the nearest you can get to the perfect band member.