Mikkel Nordsø Band feat. Raul Rekow

Label: Stunt
Format: CD
Barcode: 0663993061627
Catalog number: STUCD 6162
Releasedate: 02-04-07
  • Mikkel and the band play up a storm late one night on the brink of a new year. 
Mikkel Nordsø Band Live. Feat Raul Rekow. It has become a Decem- ber tradition in the renowned Danish club Copenhagen Jazzhouse to finish off the year in the company of Mikkel Nordsø Band. The music on this CD was recorded at their 2005 concert.
Mikkel Nordsø Band is the arch-prototype of a jazz-rock band: cat- chy themes, blazing solos, enticing interplay and a virile live energy in an invigorating mixture of rock and latin. It is all here on MIKKEL NORDSØ BAND LIVE.

Although a musical playground, the band is never laissez-faire; the musicians have too much respect for their music and each other. Through the years, the backbone of the band has always been drum- mer Ole Theill and the subtly and discreetly imaginative bassist, Pe- ter Danstrup. Ben Besiakov is here there and all the right places, con- tributing smoking solos and pulsating keyboard and organ sounds. On this recording the telepathic percussion tandem Jakob Andersen and Klavs Nordsø have been augmented with fabulous Raul Rekow, who has been part of Santana’s touring band for over 30 years.

The story of Mikkel Nordsø Band is the story of Mikkel Nordsø’s life. It is the story of a group of friends - some of them are next of kin, others just feel like family or feel a unique mutual loyalty.

At the age of 15 Mikkel Nordsø started attracting attention, and soon he was a child prodigy in one of the trend-setting bands of the ‘70s, the pioneering latin band, Buki-Yamaz.

Later, in the pop/rock group Sneakers, he redefined Danish rock gui- tar. It has never been the same again.
After a while, the pop spotlight seemed to confine him, and Mikkel Nordsø returned to his point of departure: a musical idiom whose independence of market conditions is equal to its dependency on communicative interplay. Call it jazz, call it fusion, call it world music - call it Mikkel Nordsø Band. It began as a jam band, which soon found a steady line-up, and it has been a solid unit ever since. The group has celebrated its 20th anniversary, and it is still true to its drive towards textural and musical adventure, and its original never- ending inspirational sources: the diverse but somehow related music of Miles Davis, Carlos Santana, Stevie Wonder and John McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra.

Mikkel Nordsø is one of Denmark’s best and most original guitarists; he is equally accomplished whether exploding in an edgy rock solo, playing enticing and fluid salsa, performing a mean flamenco guitar or exploring the possibilities of jazz. After spending close to half a century as an uncompromising guitar nerd, today he is at the pin- nacle of his career.

Mikkel Nordsø Band is an extension of this original musical personality. Listen for yourself as Mikkel and the band play up a storm late one night on the brink of a new year.