Changing Scenes

Changing Scenes

Eef van Breen Group

Label: Challenge Jazz
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917017120
Catalog number: CHR 70171
Releasedate: 17-04-12
With this new project called 'Changing Scenes' Eef van Breen playes with changing circumstances. The listener will experience itself as the character of a movie. Fading footsteps on the floor, slamming doors, breaking glass and clocks that are ticking are made into a three dimensional scenary with carfully prepared compositions that are propped up by a colorful and visual experience without seeing anything.
  • Eef van Breen playes with changing circumstances on this album
  • This album is about using your senses: especially your ears
  • This cd is once again a project with very versatile compositions
  • All pieces have a story: to be red in the liner notes
  • Eef van Breen is winner of the Dutch Jazz Vocalists Content and Best Original Music Award Filmfestival Reus
  • Van Breen's sound is hauntingly beautiful and lyrical: a true singing trumpet!
Sometimes in the creative process, things just seem to come together; be it a musical idea, a fantasy, daily life, a dream or even current affairs.

The idea of Changing Scenes and the use of sounds from all around us reproduced by a foly artist, was born during the recordings of the documentary PLAYING NEW YORK, in which the Eef van Breen Group sings a drawn-out melody in the streets of New York. In his hotel, van Breen listened again to an audio fragment of a group of Mexican percussionists he had met along the way on the subway. Percussion and the subway rumble momentarily merge in a most wonderful way and an added layer is created when it is no longer clear what is orchestrated or accidental. As soon as the subway is gone, it is the people that are passed by. Fleeting. It is no longer about the music. The musicians are unaware; they have become part of larger whole.

Eef van Breen uses these extra layers in his compositions for CHANGING SCENES, most of them part of different multi-discipline projects; a documentary, a dance performance, a theatre play and a movie without image. Van Breen about his album: “I am not so much looking to wrong-foot the audience as much as surprise them with Changing Scenes, give them an experience that is more than simply auditory. As if they are film stars. Recalling images. I want to take it a step beyond, by embracing reality; the world we all live in. Not just the dreamy-eyed bits. Also the frustration, melancholy, energy and aggression. All aspects of man. That is done by changing scenes.”
Trumpeter & singer Eef van Breen (1978) captures the audience with his lyrical trumpet phrases and virtuos scat solos. Not only is Eef a performer of his own (jazz)compositions on stage; He composes as well for film (Winner Best Original Music Award 2004 filmfestival Reus, Spain), theater (Toneelgroep Amsterdam, Toneelschuur Haarlem) and several chamber music ensembles. Yearly Eef writes new compositions for all these art-forms. On his debut CD “Playing Games” his musical vision has been developed, with a new unique sound as result of that. Next to the “Group” Eef plays in the successful band "The Trumpack!" along with trumpeters Philip Harper and Michael Varekamp.