Groschenblues (Sultry night blues by Brecht & Weill)

Groschenblues (Sultry night blues by Brecht & Weill)

Sven Ratzke & Claron McFadden

Label: Buzz
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917610321
Catalog number: ZZ 76103
Releasedate: 09-10-12
Both wanted to exceed their limits: world famous soprano Claron McFadden and "infant terrible of showbizz" Sven Ratzke. Performance and cabaret, show and opera, jazz and blues: this cd is all that and more!
  • Sven Ratzke: "the enfant terrible of showbizz" and at the same time one of the most talented young artists in his field
  • Claron McFadden: a world renowed soprano from New York
  • Shows were sold out shows in Holland, Germany, Austria and Switserland, this proves he is a rising star in cabaret world
  • Wherever he performes, he'll create glamorous nightclubs with his great energetic jazzy musicians
  • Sven Ratzke has great chemistry with world famous soprano Claron Mcfadden and they decided to sing Dreigroschenblues together
  • This is the result on cd, the theatre production has been getting lots of positive critics already!
  • Audiences fall for Claron and Sven everywhere they play!
  • A very broad audience will like this cd. It is not only exceptionally good theatre, it is also high class music
  • Sven will find his way to a much bigger audience with this extraordinary album and with his cooperation with Claron McFadden
  • The two vocalists are supported by a great band with: Charly Zastrau, Florian Friedrich,Tatiana Koleva and Fay Lovsky!
World famous soprano Claron McFadden and "infant terrible of showbizz" Sven Ratzke both wanted to exceed their limits: performance and cabaret, show and opera, jazz and blues: this cd is all that and more!

Groschenblues is a set of music by Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht; two pieces are by Weill and other lyricists. This theatre production (called Ich habe den Dreigroschenblues 2012) was initiated and produced by Ratzke, who also contributed some brief written interludes between songs. The two singers are accompanied by pianist Charly Zastrau (who wrote most of the arrangements), bassist Florian Friedrich, Tatiana Koleva on percussion and vibes, and Fay Lovsky on guitar, theremin, banjo and a musical saw.

The singing is mostly in German with a little bit of English. From the beginning, a dark version of “Mack The Knife,” the performances are quite haunting, theatrical and atmospheric, similar to the cabaret music heard in Berlin in the 1920s. Ratzke and McFadden take listeners through a variety of moods, depicting the underworld and the seamier side of Germany from the era. While much of the material is lesser-known today, even those who do not understand German will admire their singing and highly expressive style; Ratzke's style is a wild mix of cabaret, vaudeville and jazzy chansons. From melancholic chansons to hilarious conferences, Ratzke improvises all the way trough, from one extreme to the other. His shows emit a Berlin nightclub atmosphere and are affected by the twenties of the last century.