Sleeping in Vilna - why waste time

Sleeping in Vilna - why waste time


Label: Ayler Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 7320470141960
Catalog number: AYLER 130
Releasedate: 26-10-12
  • This record is an all improvised recording!
  • The different backgrounds of the musicians give this album an interesting sound and by combining multiple sound worlds, takes you to totally unexpected places
An all-improvised transnational collaboration between: Mike Ladd (vocals & synthi), Carol Robinson (clarinets & voice), Dave Randall (guitar) and Dirk Rothbrust (drums & percussion). Mike is known for fucked-up musical musings and lyrics and has released many a cut on Big Dada records. He brings his voice and synthi to the mix. Carol comes from the contemporary and experimental worlds. She plays all sorts of clarinets and sometimes talks on mic. Dave plays with a whole bunch of people including Faithless and has released records as Slovo and Randall. He brings electric guitar and his guitar FX to the mix. Dirk is a drummer and general heavy new music guy from Köln. He brings lots of surprising things on which to bang. It's a question of connection, of combining multiple sound worlds, of going into totally unexpected places...