Deuxième récréation musicale Op.8 / Sonates Op.4
Jean-Marie Leclair

Deuxième récréation musicale Op.8 / Sonates Op.4

Ensemble Pasticcio Barocco

Label: Herisson
Format: CD
Barcode: 5425008377032
Catalog number: LH 01
Releasedate: 02-09-09

Jean-Marie LECLAIR the Elder was born in Lyon in 1697. By his nineteenth birthday, he had perfected the arts of violin playing, dance and lace-making. He was to become the most eminent violinist of his time, travelling throuhgout Europe, visiting Turin, London and The Hague. Early on his career he was appreciated not only for his virtuosity but also for the originality of his compositions. One of his greateste achievements was to combine the two rival national schools of French taste and Italian style.