Pensées nocturnes
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

Pensées nocturnes

Mathieu Dupouy

Label: Herisson
Format: CD
Barcode: 5425008377049
Catalog number: LH 02
Releasedate: 02-09-09

Edward Young’s epic poem, Night Thoughts (1742), has gone down in history as representative of the sentimental style known in Germany as Empfindsamkeit. Intimacy and immediacy were characteristics of a style that had turned its back on Baroque rhetoric. It was now no longer a question of persuasion but of allowing the flow of sentiments to be freely expressed : “[Carl Philipp Emanuel BACH] grew so animated and possessed, that he not only played, but looked like one inspired. His eyes were fixed, his under lip fell, and drops of effervescence distilled from his countenance.” (Charles Burney, 1773)

C.P.E. Bach translated this sensibility into music better than any other composer of his time.

Mathieu DUPOUY plays a clavichord by Martin Kather (2002), after Christian Gottlob Hubert (1787).