The people united will never be defeted
Frederic Rzewski

The people united will never be defeted

Ole Killerich

Label: Bridge
Format: CD
Barcode: 0090404939228
Catalog number: BRIDG 9392
Releasedate: 10-01-14
Frederic Rzewski's monumental piano solo, based on a Chilean worker's song (The People United will Never be Defeated), also quotes the Italian revolutionary song Bandiera Rossa, in referring to the Italians, who opened their doors to refugees from Chile, and to Hans Eisler’s 1932 antifascist Solidaritätslied. Frederic Rzewski reminds us "that parallels to present threats exist in the past and that it is important to learn from them." He also comments that "The extended length of the composition may be an allusion to the idea that the unification of the people is a long story and that nothing worth winning is acquired without effort." This is a new recording of one of the acknowledged masterpieces of 20th century piano music, performed by one of Denmark's leading virtuosi, Ole Kiilerich.