Portrait of Peterson

Portrait of Peterson

Peter Beets

Label: Magic Ball Jazz Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917598926
Catalog number: MBJ 75989
Releasedate: 28-02-14
"Such an awesome talent should be cherished and applauded, as it isn't an everyday occurrence. Beets is a fully grown monster, and it may not be long before Jazz lovers on both sides of the ocean become aware of that."
Jack Bowers, Cadence (about the CD New York Trio)

"Beets readily validates the praise (see the review of New York Trio 1), unleashing his marvelous chops on the faster numbers and playing with remarkable warmth and maturity when the tempo slows. Beets is a superb writer as well. On second hearing, the opinion (see the review of New York Trio 1) remains unchanged. In sum, another wonderful album from young Peter Beets."
Jack Bowers, Cadence (about the CD New York Trio Page 2)

"He rations his finger-busting excursions, unleashing the flashing digits for maximum dramatic effect. Working in marvelous accord with Veal and Riley, Beets demonstrates as much innate taste as he does dextral ability, exemplified by a lovely, subtly funky reading of John Lewis' "Django" and his own affecting ballad "Tristity."
Steve Futterman, Jazztimes (about the CD New York Trio Page 3)

"The title of one of Beets' originals -"Admirable"- is an appropriate metaphor for all of them. Stylistically, he's a lineal descendant of such quintessential boppers as Bud Powell, Hampton Hawes, Bobby Timmons and Wynton Kelly and is closely attuned to their modern progeny but with a lyrical outlook and rhytmic conception of his own underscored by tasteful, cogently structured lines that always swing and a technique that rivals anyone this side of vintage Oscar Peterson."
Cadence (about the CD New York Trio)

"A great deal of elan is brought to standard forms that should please even the jaded listener." "Beets' version of "The Best Thing For You" is the finest instrumental rendition of the tune that I can recall."
John Schu, Jazztimes (about the CD New York Trio)

"Outstanding compositions", "fantastic timing", "brilliant"

"The best young pianist I've heard in the last ten years. Beets leaves nothing unsaid. He swings with authority, creates constantly, improvises as though he was born doing it, and all of this with a light and lithesome touch. He's so good that it would make little difference what tunes he chose. Peter Beets is going to scare the hell out of some people."
George Fendel, Jazzscene

"Strong playing", "exciting solos", "straight ahead excellence", "a world class jazz act"
Down Beat, Austin American Statesman

"World class improviser"
Ted Panken, Down Beat, Jazziz, WKCR

"Great solos by the brilliant Dutch pianoplayer Peter Beets, who added a nice post-bop sensibility to the ensemble without overplaying. Very tasty and swinging."
Barry Warhoftig, New York Times

"While a knowledge of romantic pianist Frederic Chopin (1810 - 1849) can add to the experience of listening to pianist Peter Beets' Chopin Meets the Blues , it is by no means essential to enjoying it. This is a jazz album first and foremost, and a very good one at that."
Greg Simmons, All about Jazz (about the CD Chopin meets the Blues)

"What zesty, light-stepping, buoyant sounds these are. There's some serious swinging happening on Dutch pianist Peter Beets' New Groove."
"Organically vibrant feel."
"Especially relaxed, off-the-cut vibe, sounding loose and spontaneous."
"With an engaging panache on an especially fine trio outing."
Dan McClenaghan, All about Jazz (about the CD New Groove)

"A refreshing change of pace and revitalization of a trio format rarely used these days, Beets offers a "new groove" that is well worth giving a listen to. The swing is infectious and there's clarity of sound that is a hallmark of Peter's playing throughout. The pianist also looks at these familiar chestnuts with new eyes, making for a fresh slant."
C. Andrew Hovan, All about Jazz (about the CD New Groove)

"Pianist Peter Beets plays like a great listener and solos with wry humor and refreshing flair each time he takes leave of the ensemble."
Raul d'Gama Rose, All about Jazz (about the CD Infra-Rae: Ronnie Cuber Meets The Beets Brothers)

"Peter Beets, the 33-year old pianist with Amsterdam’s Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, references Oscar Peterson and Bud Powell liberally – stylistically and chops-wise , not licks."
Ted Panken, Downbeat (about the CD New York Trio Page 3)

"Peter Beets tackles the hoariest of modern jazz formats, the piano trio, and comes with a bright, energetic set that brushes up both familiar and forgotten material. "So What" is redesigned at a very quick, almost mischievous clip, while the two Strayhorn tunes are lovingly outlined. Beets likes to play the blues and he can lead a soulful groove, but maybe the most inventive passage is his take on Sonny Rollins' Paradox, which is a compact and ingenious bit of repertory resurrection."
Richard Cook, Jazzreview (about the CD New York Trio Page 2)

"An unusual item that will be enjoyed by lovers of classical-jazz fusions."
James Manheim, AllMusic (about the CD Chopin meets the Blues)
Currently the new album ‘Portrait of Peterson’ has been released, a tribute to Peter’s long standing musical idol, the great Oscar Peterson. The album is recorded in New York with Greg Hutchinson (who spent years as Peterson’s drummer) on the drums and Reuben Rogers on bass. Beets has frequented many stages in the Netherlands with this “New York Trio”, including Amsterdam’s prestigious Concertgebouw.
The press (Cadence) wrote the following about Peter Beets: “A lyrical outlook and rhytmic conception of his own underscored by tasteful, cogently structured lines that always swing and a technique that rivals anyone this side of vintage Oscar Peterson.”

Peter Beets: a world class jazz pianist

He has shared the stage with jazz greats like Chick Corea, Wynton Marsalis, “Toots” Thielemans, Elvin Jones, George Coleman, Johnny Griffin, Benny Golson and John Clayton. He recorded with Jeff Hamilton, Larry Grenadier, Greg Hutchinson and Curtis Fuller and in 2001 his album "New York Trio" was released, which brought him international acclaim.

Peter Beets was born on the 12th of June, 1971 in The Hague. From birth he was surrounded by music: classical from his mother who is a music pedagogue, and jazz from his father who has a great love of Oscar Peterson and Art Blakey. This musical family, which includes two older brothers, Marius and Alexander, moved in 1972 to Groenlo, where Peter received his first piano lessons at the age of six. Although originally both parents did not associate the word “musician” with the word “career”, music is definitely in the family’s blood. Both Marius (1966) and Alexander (1968) became professionals, on string bass and tenor saxophone. After college, Peter studied from 1992 at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. He combined his music studies with law school, but the jazz virus matured and he decided to concentrate exclusively on music.

From 1985 the brothers performed together as “The Beets Brothers”. In 1988 Peter won the prestigious Pall Mall Swing Award and a year later the Princess Christina Award. After this point, Peter’s career began to rise rapidly. In 1990 the first recording of The Beets Brothers appeared, followed by two more, School is Closed Now (1993) and Brotherwise (1995). In 1996, Peter recorded a remarkable trio album called “First Date” with drummer Jeff Hamilton, the driving force behind Monty Alexander and Oscar Peterson. Peter became a much wanted pianist both inside and outside the Netherlands, accompanying, among others, Deborah Brown, Dee Daniels and “First Lady of Jazz” Rita Reys. In 1998 he finished his conservatory studies and won the Prix Martial Solal in Paris. In the same year he became the regular pianist of “The Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw”. With trombone and jazz legend Curtis Fuller, Peter made a live recording in 1999 and won in that same year yet another prize, the Concours de Solistes de Jazz in Monaco.

In 2001 he recorded the CD “New York Trio” with the stunning rhythm tandem Rodney Whitaker and Willie Jones III, the first CD of Peter on the renowned Criss Cross label. After the sequel, “New York Trio Page Two”, recorded with the world-famous Larry Grenadier on bass, he made a third CD for Criss Cross, this time with bassist Reginald Veal and drummer Herlin Riley. In 2007 Criss Cross released the CD “New Groove”, on which Beets chose to perform without drums, but with the exciting line-up of piano, bass and guitar. In October 2010 Peter went back to the studio in New York to record his 5th CD for Criss Cross, “Chopin meets the Blues”, with exciting jazz-arrangements of the Polish grandmaster’s music. On this record he plays with Joe Cohn (guitar), Reuben Rogers (bass) and Greg Hutchinson (drums), with whom he occasionally plays throughout the year. In February of 2013 he recorded again with this rhythm section. This CD, called "Portrait of Peterson" is an hommage to one of his biggest idols, Oscar Peterson.

Peter Beets has been successfully touring with his trio in most countries in Europe as well as in Asia, Russia and the USA. He played twice at the famous New York club “Birdland” for a week and at the high class Lincoln Center in New York. Also memorable are his performances at Salle Pleyel in Paris, Seattle’s Jazz Alley, Yoshi’s in Oakland and the Composer’s Union Hall in Moscow. An extraordinary duet for two grand pianos with Chick Corea in the main hall of the Amsterdam Concertgebouw resulted in regular performances of Peter’s trio there since April 2005.

The success of the trio’s first Dutch theatre tour “From Bach to Blues” (2003) demanded a return in the theatres. It came in 2005 with the program “Chopin meets the Blues”, followed by “Porgy and Bess” (2006), presenting his arrangements of the famous Gershwin opera. In fall 2007 he performed in the theaters again with the program “The Blues goes Latin” in which Latin American rhythms are highlighted.
After touring extensively in foreign countries throughout 2008 Peter’s trio returned in the Dutch theatres in 2009 with “a tribute to Oscar Peterson”, dedicated to one of his biggest heroes. In 2010 Dutch piano legend Louis van Dyke invited Peter to do an extensive theatre tour called the Piano Kings and in the following theatre season Peter Beets worked together with the world famous Rosenberg Trio. Coming year he will furtherly develop his program "the Blues goes Latin" in the Dutch theatres.

Peter Beets is one of the most recognized piano giants of our time. He is acclaimed and praised worldwide and his star keeps on rising, while his creativity keeps increasing. In variable musical activities, from the accompaniment of 'first lady of jazz' Rita Reys or guests of the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw to latin-jazz and his timeless arrangements of classical music, Beets' personality and signature are always unmistakably audible. the many awards he has received through the years are the Edison (Dutch Grammy, 2010), the Prix Martial Solal (1998) and the Pall Mall Export Swing Award (1988). In spite of his relatively young age, Beets made a substantial number of impressive recordings.
The most recent are "Portrait of Peterson" which is an hommage to one of his biggest idols, Oscar Peterson and “Chopin meets the Blues Live” where he highlights Chopin as a real jazz composer.