Trevor Dunn

Trevor Dunn's Trio Convulsant

Trevor Dunn

Label: Buzz
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917600322
Catalog number: ZZ 76003
Releasedate: 01-01-98
Trevor Dunn - bass | Adam Levy - guitar  |Kenny Wollesen - drums

"Debutantes & Centipedes", examines a twisted musical side of the 20th century psyche. Deeply informed by the literary work of French Surrealists and the films of Bunuel it is music that is characterized by curious juxtapositions, shameless passion, l'amour  fou, the inquiry of Breton, the brutality of Laurteamont. Though eclectic, this music is not cut-and-paste; it is an organic reconciliation of the melodic and the non-melodic, the distorted and the clean, the growl of wood and the bite of metal, the humorous and the suicidal and it presupposes a place where these things cease to be perceived as contradictions. Imagine Mingus' drummer Danny Richmond sitting behind John Bonham's kit; imagine Bill Evans plugged into Hendrix's amp; imagine Coltrane's bassist Jimmy Garrison playing through an envelope filter. This music is dark and strange.