Tango Cancíon

Tango Cancíon

Juan Carlos Tajes & Piet Capello

Label: A Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 8712604730291
Catalog number: AL 73029
Releasedate: 01-01-95
Juan Carlos Tajes - vocals | Piet Capello - piano  Tango Canción is the acme of the tango idiom, because it gives full expression to the personages, the myths and the ambiance of Tango. In its homelands, Argentina and Uruguay, it was largely because of radio broadcasts and gramophone records that Tango Canción received its’ main impetus, enabling many people who would have had no chance to see the performers, to listen to them in their own homes.
The contents of this CD ‘Tango Canción’ were selected from the standard repertoire with special attention to the strong literary and poetic associations of the genre. You will hear that Tango grew out of the complex culture of the Rio Plato area. It is more then just the famous tango-rhythm. Within the Tango-tradition one also finds the Waltz, the Milonga and the exciting drum-rhythms of the Candombe which came from Africa. This CD will take you on a journey through al the above mentioned countries and give you an idea what Tango is all about.