...But Not Heard

...But Not Heard


Label: Origin Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 0805558265723
Catalog number: ORIGIN 82657
Releasedate: 13-06-14
“Considerably absorbing...Dynamically astute and rhythmically sensitive, this is very satisfying music...”
Having performed together for 12 years, the musical and personal rapport between guitarist John Stowell, bassist Jeff Johnson, and drummer John Bishop has attained what Cadence magazine calls "an enviable tightness." Whether performing their intriguing originals or the thoughtful re-imaginings of less-done classics, each piece is a ticket to somewhere unique. On "...But Not Heard," the trio is joined by a long-time compatriot, saxophonist Hans Teuber who adds several original tunes and another deeply integrated and sympathetic voice to the ensemble.