Short Stories

Short Stories

Bobby Selvaggio

Label: Origin Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 0805558266126
Catalog number: ORIGIN 82661
Releasedate: 13-06-14
"Salvaggio lets the influence of past greats like Cannonball and Phil Woods glow through his playing but also makes it quite clear that his own voice is creative and original" - All About Jazz, NY
For his debut on Origin Recordy - his 7th album overall - the Cleveland-based alto saxophonist takes his top-flight quartet on an inspired ride through 9 of his original compositions. Impeccable and swinging, pianist Aaron Goldberg, bassist Ashley Summers and drummers Chris Baker provide sprited collaboration, helping to create a highly musical and timeless recording. " that's thoughtful, slyly subversive, perhaps a wee bit delicate, but hardly conventional." -DownBeat