Prometheus Schubert, Strauss & Wolf Lieder
Franz Schubert - Richard Strauss - Hugo Wolf

Prometheus Schubert, Strauss & Wolf Lieder

Franz-Josef Selig

Label: CAvi
Format: CD
Barcode: 4260085533022
Catalog number: Avi 8553302
Releasedate: 29-08-14
FRANZ-JOSEF SELIG, the worldfamous bass
First solo recording of FRANZ-JOSEF SELIG
Songs for original bass voice
This is the first Solo Album by the bass Franz-Josef Selig, who is of course one of the most significant bass voices since years in the opera section. Now he takes on the bass Lieder of three important Lieder specialists together with his accompanist Gerold Huber.

Franz-Josef Selig has made his personal reflection on the selection of Lieder on this CD: ....." a sombre collection of lieder such as this one does not have to be taken at face value as something merely sinister or depressing, but hopefully also as an invitation to face our own mortality with courage: an ongoing attempt to prepare for that which is intangible and unavoidable. How wonderful, then, if one day we could say to Nature, like the poet in Richard Strauss’s song Das Tal: “So quietly open your mouth, accept me, close it once more, and go on blooming, healthy and cheerful as always”. (Franz-Josef Selig)