Hubertusmesse auf Schloss Hubertusburg
Richard Wagner - Orlando Di Lasso - Richard Strauss - Karl Stiegler

Hubertusmesse auf Schloss Hubertusburg

Thomas Hauschild / Horn master class

Label: Auris Subtilis
Format: CD
Barcode: 4260077710677
Catalog number: AS 5067
Releasedate: 27-10-14
 typical 19th c. music to celebrate the Hunting activities
. big sound of the wind instrument
. Music for horn was well received in the 19th century
. The musicians of the Leipzig School of Music are counting as one of the best in Germany
Professor Thomas Hauschild’s French horn masterclass in Leipzig presents here their second portrait-CD entitled Hubertusmesse (Mass of St. Hubertus) capturing the gently imposing nature of the Hubertusburg Castle. This name held by the representatively conceived hunting castle evokes the patron saint of the hunt, St. Hubertus, and stands committed and imposing due to the inscription of its history, greatness, and style that are indicative of a powerfully expressive as well as an impressive force.

This in turn is suggestive of horn music – the Mass of St. Hubertus by Karl Stiegler serves only as an impulse for the present recording of an instrument that is so manifestly embedded in the culture of hunting. For all the characteristics of the instrument – its signaling bellow, its powerful tone, its caressingly warm-hearted cantilenas – will be familiar to connoisseurs of the horn who appreciate its romantic character. The pleasure of presenting this current edition is found in the fulfilling of their agreeable desire of a further hearing and an extended sense of viewing the instrument.
Professor Thomas Hauschild and his French horn masterclass at the music conservatory “Felix-
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy” in Leipzig: Thomas Hauschild, Johanna Mix, Cosima Schneider,
Anna Euen, Moritz Haas, Antonio Redondo Hurtado, Andreas Pöche, Jakob Knauer, Francesco
Lillo, Andreas Grün, Miguel Garcia Herrera, Jakob Cirkel.
Thomas Hauschild was born in 1964 into a characteristically musical family in Greiz, Thuringia.
He has taught at the music conservatory “Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy” in Leipzig since 2001.
His studies in piano, at the St. Thomas Choir School in Leipzig, and in horn with Hermann
Märker, Günther Opitz and Erich Penzel provided the foundation for his extensive musical
activities as a soloist and conductor, orchestra and chamber musician, for numerous CDs and
radio recordings as well as for his teaching, first in Stuttgart and today in Leipzig. As a hornist
who plays both the modern horn as well as the natural and baroque horn, Thomas Hauschild
successfully passes on his extensive knowledge and experience to the next generation.
The study of chamber music in various formations – from horn quartet to large brass
ensemble, wind ensemble, or chamber music with stringed instruments – is an important
component in the study of music. For this reason, Thomas Hauschild and his masterclass
have developed throughout the years a tradition of playing in a horn octet. He had already
begun this tradition during his tenure as a lecturer at the Music Conservatory in Stuttgart.
His masterclass there would regularly travel throughout the country to perform concerts of
repertoire for eight horns organized by Thomas Hauschild as well as by the students themselves.
The repertoire was drawn from arrangements for eight horns to original compositions,
ranging from the baroque to the modern era. Various instruments were employed,
like the Wagner Tuba or the Inventionshorn.Several times per year the students -including
exchange students and members of German orchestras (e.g. Chemnitz, Jena, Stuttgart and
Bremen) - come together to work on this repertoire.