Hollywood Drive In

Hollywood Drive In

The Nannys

Label: Mons Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 4260054555697
Catalog number: MR 874569
Releasedate: 05-12-14
Ten years and still going strong! The Nannys are celebrating their band-birthday and have invited us all to the movies. They kindly ask everyone to bring their own popcorn, but the soundtrack to this brilliant event will of course be taken care of by the Nannys themselves!
On their anniversary record Hollywood Drive In (and at this point, it has to be said, it's really inexcusable that drive-ins will probably soon be counted among the dinosaurs of the leisure industry), the five musicians with their unmistakable Fifties sound take on the soundtracks of blockbusters like Men In Black and Watch Out, We're Mad. Ghostbusters and Beverly Hills Cop aren't safe either when the Nannys go hunting for sounds. They've given the former a fantastic blues feel which, by the way, suits the tune excellently. Even The Pink Panther seems happy to get in the way of the Nannys' powerful drive; elegant, smooth and cocky as ever, its theme gives way to this sexy rock 'n' roll. And once again, with the musical motto Always Look On The Bright
Side Of Life, the Nannys send us on a breathtaking journey through time towards swing, jive and rock 'n' roll, and this time they even allow us a charming detour to New Orleans.
Dear birthday guests, please be urgently warned of one thing; it will be difficult, very difficult in fact, to remain relaxed in your seat during the show! There are the usual brilliant harmonies of all five Nannys, cheeky sax lines by Martin Holl, powerful guitar riffs supplied by Matthias Scharf, and a hard-hitting rhythm section with Ralf Orth on double bass and Falko Eckey on drums. On top of this there's Fabian Strahl, the newcomer to the band, whose piano playing will make you dizzy. It'll be virtually impossible to keep your legs still all the way to the final credits!
Born To Be Wild has surely been the Nannys motto for the last ten years (and hopefully the next ten). An Oscar for Hollywood Drive In!