Mein Beethoven
Ludwig van Beethoven

Mein Beethoven

Dieter Ilg

Label: ACT music
Format: CD
Barcode: 0614427958228
Catalog number: ACT 9582
Releasedate: 06-02-15
"A feast for the ears, not only for hard-core jazz fans, but for all those who love music." (Thomas Quasthoff)

With "Mein Beethoven" Ilg, along with his perfectly harmonising trio, demonstrates that he is not about gimmicky "jazz goes classic" crossover music, but about taking the originals and somehow making them his own. His incorruptible eye for the essence, his mastery of making the monumental sensual and human, is impressive. Is it jazz? Or is it not simply wonderful music, enchanting, flowing, dreaming, condensing, singing, relating, grooving….? It is a synthesis that will make Ilg's "Mein Beethoven" your Beethoven.