Late Bloomer

Late Bloomer


Label: Challenge Records
Format: Download Album
Barcode: 0608917340822
Catalog number: CR 73408
- Digital only EP
- Debut album of new Dutch band Aphranova 
- Classy, sexy and jazzy
- Fresh mix of pop, soul and jazz
- Easy listening, but with deeper layers
- All songs composed by singer Angelique van Os
- The songs present their own stories, varying from loosing a dear friend, being a late bloomer, to adventurous experiences in the Ugandan Kidepo Valley. 
- Inspiration for her songs comes from her work as music journalist, which brings her to special places and people around the globe. 
- Produced by Alexander van Popta (Re:Freshed Orchestra, Ntjam Rosie, Shirma Rouse)

Aphranova is the new project of the Dutch singer Angelique van Os (1979).
The digital mini-album is released April 2015 by Challenge Records. 
There are five tracks written by Angelique and produced by the talented Dutch Alexander van Popta (Re:Freshed Orchestra, Ntjam Rosie, Shirma Rouse). The Norwegian sax player Karl Seglem features in the songs New Orleans and African vibed Kidepo’s Eyes.