Sven Ratzke

Label: Buzz
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917611823
Catalog number: ZZ 76118
Releasedate: 13-10-15
- The extraordinary entertainer Sven Ratzke presents a new dazzling rock show STARMAN, inspired by the music of the living legend David Bowie.  

- The bizarre world of the great artist Bowie merges perfectly into the mad and wittily entertaining universe of Ratzke. 

- Ratzke is accompanied on this album by his trio, led by arranger and pianist Charly Zastrau. Featuring a.o. Claron McFadden (soprano) and Bowie's saxophonist Steve Elson.

- The music grooves from seventies’ glam rock to sound collages to intimate piano songs, incl. 3 songs written by Ratzke himself
The soundtrack for a bold, new theatrical rock show created by international cabaret sensation Sven Ratzke, STARMAN features dazzling interpretations of classic songs by David Bowie and original material co-written by Ratzke and New York-based musician Rachelle Garniez.  The album's sparse, evocative arrangements are the work of Ratzke's longtime collaborator, jazz pianist Charly Zastrau and feature Haye Jellema on drums and Florian Friedrich on bass.  Drawing inspiration from Bowie's oeuvre -- including his music, aesthetics, and personae -- Ratzke creates a wholly new character, STARMAN, to bring listeners and audiences on a fantastic journey blending truth and imagination.

Album release and show première (Berlin) on October 13, 2015