VanBinsbergen Playstation

Label: Buzz
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917612325
Catalog number: ZZ 76123
Releasedate: 15-01-16
- Live recording from concert at the Bimhuis

- Derived from spontaneous jamming concerts 
In March 2014 these musicians met for the first time during the BrokkenBal, the yearly concert I organize with writers at the Amsterdam Bimhuis. From the first rehearsal on, the horns blended, the rhythm section was steaming and we all felt immediately this was a perfect match; a year later we had our first concert as VANBINSBERGEN PLAYSTATION! This dynamic live CD is recorded during our first two concerts.
Corrie van Binsbergen
With VANBINSBERGEN PLAYSTATION Corrie van Binsbergen picks up the threads of her instrumental earlier bands. After twelve years of mainly focusing on projects with literature and composing for large contemporary ensembles, theater and film, the time was ripe for this energetic all-star superband. Like before there are no boundaries, no limiting styles, but her own: energetic, bold and playful. The music an extremely agreeable and happy amalgam of suspenseful antitheses. Like a fan on facebook reacted: This is the most incredible music. Bebop with a modern twist, I am an instant fan!
CVB is probably best known as the leader of Corrie en de Brokken and Corrie en de Grote Brokken, the latter 12-member group incorporating pop/rock vocalists in a skewed mélange of jazz, rock, blues, funk, and more. With her quartets CVB4 and CRAM she played on various venues and festivals in Europe, Morocco, The Baltics, Brasil, India and China.