Forevergreens (vinyl)

Forevergreens (vinyl)


Label: ACT music
Format: LP 12inch
Barcode: 0614427981110
Catalog number: ACTLP 98111
Releasedate: 01-04-16
- Crossover

- Swedish Jazz

- some of the tracks are extremely soft and gentle, romantic, acoustic, jazz-inspired, while others use prog rock as a springboard from which to make the short leap into heavy metal.

- Tonbruket are:
Dan Berglund / double bass
Johan Lindström / guitar, pedal steel, keyboards
Martin Hederos / piano, synthesizers, violin
Andreas Werliin / drums

- Guests: Ane Brun / spoken words (01), voice (03), Per Texas Johansson / bass clarinet, Anna Högberg / baritone saxophone, Martin Holm / tenor saxophone (11)
A new beginning for Tonbruket

Tonbruket's first three albums put down a strong marker... Over the course of their three albums, the Swedish band Tonbruket have comprehensively defined the part of the musical universe which they choose to inhabit: a world on the outer boundaries of unshockable prog rock, of uncharted avant-garde folk, and of the kind of jazz where the rule-book has been thrown away. Tonbruket have been able to put down a decisive marker of their identity because each of the members is such a strong individual musician. The band represents the meeting of four people who have already proved themselves in many different contexts, and who were pleased to bring all of the vast experience that they had gathered into this new situation. Bassist Dan Berglund had been an intrinsic part of the reinvention of jazz which took place in the Esbjörn Svensson Trio. Guitarist Johan Lindström is a multiple threat on a whole panoply of stringed instruments. Keyboardist/ violinist Martin Hederos is a member of “The Soundtrack Of Our Lives,” one of the best known Swedish rock bands. Drummer Andreas Werliin is in bands such as “Fire!” and “Wildbirds & Peace Drums,” where he ventures into the experimental and the psychedelic.
Considered together, the first three albums of Tonbruket form a consistent trajectory. “Tonbruket”, “Dig It To The End” and “Nubium Swimtrip” are an indivisible whole, in which the band remained true to its vision to take conventional jazz formats and shift them in the direction of instrumental rock music.
...but a creative time-out was the right thing…. Before they embarked on their new album, however, the four decided to re-charge their creative batteries. After the album tour for “Nubium Swimtrip”, Berglund, Lindström, Hederos and Werliin deliberately scheduled an extended time-out. The reason for doing that was not because the band was in any way burnt out – far from it. Each of the four band members, through their involvement in so many other projects, simply had too much else to do. That variety of activity is something which manifestly also acts to the benefit of Tonbruket, because the members let their wide-ranging musical experiences feed into what the band does. However, there are times when these other activities themselves need to be attended to. Andreas Werliin was particularly keen to concentrate on his other bands. Berglund, Lindström and Hederos accepted a commission from the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm to contribute the music to a production by Finnish film director Kaurismäki. The work that the three created for Kaurismäki followed the director's aesthetic, and the musicians found themselves exploring very different musical frontiers. They created tangos and polkas for the theatre, and this opened up new points of connection for them. Later, back in the company of Werliin and under the banner of Tonbruket, these new impressions were front-of-mind, and led them off in the direction of producing completely new music. ensure a new beginning…. This, then, is the back-story of how and why their fourth album “Forevergreens” represents such a new beginning for Tonbruket. Some of the tracks are extremely soft and gentle, romantic, acoustic, jazz-inspired, while others use prog rock as a springboard from which to make the short leap into heavy metal. The pieces the band plays can differ hugely from each other in shape, intensity and stylistic origin. The result of this is that the listener's attention tends to be drawn away from the specific and from the moment-to-moment, and towards the totality of what is happening.
Tonbruket's music has always been uncategorizable by genre, but on “ Forevergreens” they have left even that impalpability behind. In its place what they are doing is living their paradoxes, relishing the contrasts between successive tracks, savouring each tempo, mood, frame of reference, and even having fun with clichés. “Forevergreens” is both the quietest and the loudest of their albums. They have never ventured quite so close to jazz – nor have they strayed quite so far from it. The conventional stereotype where bands do a roller-coaster alternation between fast bits where they ratchet up the intensity, and then chill out in ballads is not adequate to describe this band. Their changes of scenery and of musical material are far more holistic and natural.
...with plenty of surprises…. So, let the surprises begin. They start with Norwegian pop-diva Ane Brun, who has had Tonbruket as her backing band for a while now, and whose voice the band introduces from the outset. Surprises and contrasts continue with the post-rock “Mano Sinistra” (the Italian expression for using the left hand in the treble register at a piano), and then on into ephemeral jazz tunes such as “Sinkadus,” in which Ane Brun's voice is to be heard again, and “Music for the Sun King.” Things then get a good deal more intense, culminating in earth-shaking rock-outs like “Tarantella” or “Linton,” and then on into the folksy klezmer/tango combinations of “Polka Oblivion” where Martin Hederos' violin playing has an enchanting vocal quality, and on which Per Texas Johansson's bass clarinet and Martin Holm's tenor saxophone also appear. One might become tempted to call the music on “Forevergreens” 'jazz'...there again, it could just as easily be called 'instrumental rock'... or indeed 'avant-garde folk'. But perhaps the most convincing description of it is the sub-genre that Johan Lindström has invented to describe this journey to the outer limits of all three: he calls it music.
Fall 2008
Dan Berglund(E.s.t) and multi musician and producer Johan Lindström( Elvis Costello, Freddie Wadling among others)  meet up and start writing songs. Old friends, since playing  with Per ”Texas” Johansson 10 years earlier, they start to create the foundation for the first album, collabrating with different musicians.

Winter 2009
Dan meets Tsool-keyboard player Martin Hederos at the Swedish grammy award and after some days he get asked
to join the project, he happily accepts and Tonbruket gets closer to it´s final line-up…

Fall 2009
The studio in Halden-Norway is booked for the recording of the first album ”Dan Berglund´s Tonbruket”
and just some weeks before it´s time to go the final piece in the member puzzle is layer when Johan calls up drummer Andreas Werliin( Wildbirds and peacedrums, Fire!)
and after just 2 rehearsals they set of to Halden, Norway for 5 days of recordings and getting to know each other.
The chemistry is there from the start, they make music, stews and plays tennis together in the night.
Long time E.s.t collaborator Åke Linton is there engineering and everyone there feels that something very special has started.

Winter 2010
The Album is released, an intense touring period follows. First in Sweden and then in Europe.
Autobahn is explored again and again by the minivan. The first tv-special ”Tonbruket underground”  is being recorded outside Gothenburg and the band gets to fly an Helicopter… New songs is gradually introduced in the set and the process of the second album ”Dig it to the end” has begun.

Fall 2010
The band decide that they want to keep the tempo of the bands in the 60´s , that means a record a year.
They enter the famous Atlantis studio in Stockholm together with the equally famous house technician
Janne Hansson and the recordings of the second album can begin.  With some help from sometimes stand in´s Nino Keller and Thomas Hallonsten and with some good vibes from Sweden´s Quincy Jones, the legendary Anders Burman, the band finds the environment to make a step creatively. Also at Atlantis, a new important component in the Tonbruket universe joins the process: the mighty illustrator and painting artist Jesper Waldesten are sitting in like a fly on the wall and draw the members in action and later becomes the cover artist for both ” Dig it to the end” and ” Nubium swim trip” and an essential creative force that complements  the bands music.

Winter 2011
Tonbruket get their first Swedish Grammy for best jazz album 2010.
Fueled by that and the fact that their second album is mixed and ready they continue touring throughout Europe.

Spring/Summer 2011
”Dig it to the end” is released in May and soon after that the bands make it´s first trip to
America w the Rochester and Vancouver jazz festivals as highlights.
The adventure also includes band photo in front of the White house and a magic day in San Fransisco.
The summer continues with more festivals experience such as an fantastic night at the Garana festival in Rumania.

Fall 2011
After focusing mainly on Europe the the band does it´s first real Swedish tour and finds an fantastic audience from the north to the south. New song´s like ”Liga” finds it´s way to the repertoire and the process towards the third album starts slowly but steady.
The fall also includes an totally inspiring encounter with Mulate Astatke in France and mountain climbing together in Innsbruck during another Europen tour.

Winter 2012
The band goes to India and Bombay to make a concert together with Jan Lundgren trio.
A second grammy is received for ”Dig it to the end”
Later the same year they also receives the trophy ”Jazzkatten” as best Swedish jazz-act of the year from the Swedish Downbeat, Orkesterjournalen. The year continues with touring and rehearsals as well as working with other project such as arranging music for big bands( Johan), farewell tours ( Martin w Tsool) and touring and recording w artist like Bugge Wesseltoft(Dan) and Fire!( Andreas)

Winter/spring 2013
Tonbruket joins up again for a superintense and creative period.
First together with Nadja Weiss, composing and creating the performance ”Undertiden” for the Swedish Royal Dramatic theatre
and then preparing for maybe their biggest adventure yet: recording their third album at The Abbey road studios in London.

June 2013
The plan that started ca a year ago with Åke Linton and Johan launching
the idea that the third album should be recorded at the Shangri-La of studios, Abbey road, is finally realized and the band finds themselves in studio 2 with the ambience and atmospehere that os A road and with 3 days booked. The session includes a lot of the famous celesta as well as barbecues in the beautiful backyard and it all turns out as creative and inspiring as everyone hoped it would be. Mixing by Johan is done back home in Stockholm and ”Nubium swim trip” is ready to be released…

Fall 2013
The band celebrates the albumrelease with a special night at Södra teatern together with 3 fantastic sax players and Magnus Holmström on key-harp( also appears on the album)
Then  follows a mighty 2 month long European tour
with Ane Brun, both acting support band and back up orchestra, together with Nina Kinert and Ola Hultgren.
To be continued……