Klavierwerke Vol. 1
Stephan Beat Baumgartner

Klavierwerke Vol. 1

Moritz Ernst

Label: Perfect Noise
Format: CD
Barcode: 4260085534500
Catalog number: PN 1502
Releasedate: 15-04-16

- first recording of some of the piano pieces of Stephan Beat Baumgartner

- luckily Moritz Ernst played for the recording. He is a international known spezialist for modern music

- very authentic live concert recording from the composer´s art gallery in Zurich 

Stephan B. Baumgartner was born on 1946. His ”oeuvre” as composer contains solos for single instruments, a large field of chamber music, where the assimilation of string and woodwind instruments is fostered, songs, piano pieces, orchestral and symphonic works. ”At my concerts I am often asked to speak about my music: That is a real problem for me, first I am a composer not a writer. You are going to hear my music, please close your eyes and open your heart. Not my thoughts and whatever went through my mind during the creative process is important, what is moving in your soul is essential. If there is an echo, my aim is fulfilled. Music has to be conceived by the heart and not intellectually. Therefore I do not intend music to have to do with intellect. But if you analyse art only by brain, the harvest is poor, unknown and uncountles spheres will be hidden. I am very thankful for the opportunity to arouse and participate in the intense richness of the European culture. I am convinced, that the extended tonality never will be exhausted.”