Jakob Anderskov

Label: Stunt
Format: CD
Barcode: 0663993160627
Catalog number: STUCD 16062
Releasedate: 09-12-16
- RESONANCE is the group’s second album

- their first release, STRINGS, PERCUSSION & PIANO, was nominated in the “Special Release” category at the 2013 Danish Music Awards and received glowing reviews as an “outstanding” album

On his new release, the constantly explorative Anderskov has delved even deeper into the world of pulse and phrasing – yes, feeling!
His compositions create a soundscape in which the texture and timbre of the strings become a fully integrated part of the music instead of the super- imposed role often delegated to strings in jazz. The rhythm section is allowed improvisational freedom without having to avoid colliding with the strings that join a wonderful dialogue between the imaginative piano playing and the colorful and richly nuanced percussion to create fascinating textural music. 

Jacob Anderskov is a pianist, composer and bandleader from Copenhagen. He has released close to 20 albums as a bandleader and co-leader since his debut in 2001. He has received numerous awards and hailed by the international press as an outstanding voice in contemporary music. Anderskov has performed in most countries in the western hemisphere with his own projects. His oeuvre encompasses everything from improvised works in small groups to almost thoroughly composed material for larger ensembles, and from activities routed in the diverse traditions he is coming out of, as well as music obviously moving beyond these traditions.

Anderskov’s music generally strongly incorporates the personal expressions of each participating musician, be it in terms of improvisation, colouring, or as hybrid, new ways of bridging the continuum between the composed and the undefined. In addition to this, there has more recently also been several projects with classically trained musicians, playing more exactly composed material of his, with or without Anderskov himself participating in the performances as and added improviser or leader. 

Jacob Anderskov graduated from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen in 2002. He has also studied at the University of Copenhagen (Music Science), and has been taking private lessons with numerous teachers during a 1-year stay in New York 1999-2000. He was one of the founding members of ILK Music (2003- 2004), and the first ILK chairman (2004-2008).