Arie da Concerto
Luigi Boccherini

Arie da Concerto

Capriola Di Gioia

Label: Evil Penguin
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917720921
Catalog number: EPRC 0023
Releasedate: 05-05-17
- A rare recording of vocal music by Boccherini, who himself was - at the time - a neglected composer

- This recording rehabilitates Boccherini as a true heir of Händel, a worthy contemporary to Haydn, and an early precursor of the belcanto of Bellini.
On this recording of Boccherini’s Arie da Concerto, the Belgian ensemble Capriola di Gioia defies the stubborn stereotyping of Boccherini as the gallant master of unsurpassable but insignificant melodies. Close listening to this marvellous music reveals a genius with a profound understanding of human psychology, and a rich harmonic palette to paint the smallest affective nuances. In these arias, Boccherini is rehabilitated as a true heir of Händel, a worthy contemporary to Haydn, and an early precursor of the belcanto of Bellini.

Driven by their mutual passion for the repertoire from the baroque era, Amaryllis Dieltiens (soprano) and Bart Naessens (organ / harpsichord) founded the ensemble Capriola Di Gioia in 2007. They enjoy the challenge of sharing this often very dramatic and moving music with their public, keeping within the historical context but also in a very personal and expressive way.

Both as soloists and in several ensembles Amaryllis and Bart have gained invaluable experience. They have worked with musicians of great renown and performed at numerous European venues. Consequently they have had the opportunity to develop their own musical personalities across a very extensive repertoire.

During its first years of existence the ensemble developed a clear direction and vision. Along with deliberate, intensively researched choices from the impressive repertoire for soprano and basso continuo, Capriola Di Gioia is rediscovering the purity of the compositions and striving for a compassionate, honest and pure interpretation of the text, both vocally as well as instrumentally. The result is a theatrical performance in which they engage with the public to arouse their empathy with each character.

The ensemble focuses on rarely performed repertoire for soprano and basso continuo. Some programs require extra musicians and on these occasions they involve young highly talented musicians from all over the world who have also lost their hearts to this wonderful music. The pleasure of making music comes first (as referred to in the name of the ensemble), but their considerable and never-ending passion, their extremely delicate approach and feeling for the repertoire from the baroque era results in a very warm and wholehearted treat for their public.

Capriola Di Gioia is increasingly being seen at Belgian and European grand stages like Festival of Flanders, Concertserie Beek, Bozar, early music festival in the Netherlands, concertgebouw Brugge etc… In 2011 they presented their first CD (recorded for the label Aeolus) with a unique selection from the well-known and lesser-known Italian baroque repertoire. In 2012 they recorded and released Stabat Mater by L. Boccherini. In 2013 a Christmas-CD was presented to the public and in October 2016 another CD was released with music by Buononcini, Scarlatti etc…

For their 10 year anniversary the ensemble will bring out 3 new CD’s in 2017!