NEARBY  time  turn  one  (EP)

NEARBY time turn one (EP)

Bart Amand

Label: Antarctica
Format: Download Album
Barcode: 0191773716684
Catalog number: AR 005
- A first "taste" of a record that is coming next year (March 2018)
- Will play support shows for Jan Swerts this fall

Nearby  - time turn one”  is the new EP by Bart Amand, and brings a whole new colour to his work.
“Nearby  - time turn one”  describes the unknown, the principles of a new mankind, moving through the universe, in the glance of the first light.
“Nearby  - time turn one”  was recorded as 1 track, where the "ice violet" moves through the 3 tracks as a "morning glory" and theme.
“Nearby  - time turn one”  is mysterious, inspiring, small and big at the same time.